Starting at Upper Elementary (Grade 3-5)

In upper elementary at Horizon Private School – Branch, our students are exposed to an environment in which they thrive and grow into independent learners. Their learning will be enriched with activities planned to ensure the school values are instilled in every student. Implementing and embracing these values will put the students on a path to be knowledgeable and responsible members of their communities as they move on to the middle school years.

The first day of school at the Upper Elementary Section (Grades 3-5) at HPS-Br. has always been an exciting day for everyone. Beside the routines that will be followed to lead students to their classes, the staff is well prepared to welcome them with a smile that will stay with them all year long. All the staff members will endeavor to make sure that the first school day is a memorable one for the students, a day that they will happily recount and share with their parents when they go home. Icebreaker activities are prepared for this purpose.

As to how the first school day will flow, parents are encouraged to attend the Open House held at the beginning of the school year. On this day, parents will have a chance to be introduced to their child’s Home Room Teacher or Class Advisor as well as other teachers and get familiar with the school routines and expectations.

First day of school:

On the first day, parents are requested to drop off their children at the school between 7:15 am and 7:30 am. This will give them a chance to find their child’s class section from the class lists, which will be displayed in the playground and hallways. Once identified, the students will line up for the National Anthem after which they go to their classes.

During the first day, teachers will make sure to lead all the Grade 3 students as well as the new Grades 4 and 5 students on a school tour and show them all the places that they will need to visit. Moreover, during the day, teachers will assign a group of classmates to peer coach the new students and to give them the support they need to settle easily and comfortably in the new environment.

Pick up and drop off times:

Parents can drop off their children from 7:15 to 7:30 am from Monday to Friday.

Parents who pick up their children should do so from the designated area at 2:45 pm (Monday to Thursday) and at 11:40 pm (Friday).

Students’ experiences:

It has always been our aim to create a caring, happy, and supportive learning environment for all students joining HPS-Br. To this effect, and throughout the years at the Upper Elementary school, students are exposed to different experiences. Beside the education that the school offers, the department endeavors to raise students to become independent citizens; citizens who are respectful and tolerant; citizens who are caring and honest.

Moreover, students enjoy a range of exciting and enjoyable activities, which they will retain in their memory books for a long time. At the end of Grade 5, we farewell the students as we set them off on their journey to the Middle School, armed with courage and a strong desire for success. We set them off to happily and confidently face the challenges of the coming phase boldly and without fear.


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