Library Vision:

HPS Br. Library aims to:

  • Be the center for inquiry and learning.
  • Provide remote access to its collection and services.
  • Develop a collection of various types of resources both printed and digital.
  • Be a role model in leadership and initiative-taking and to make the LRC the center of the school and education.
  • Be proactive to reflect the transforming and engaging role of the school library and its contribution to a successful education.


  • Spread the love of reading.
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Guide users in their search for the resources and needed information and train them to become independent researchers.
  • Be proactive in preparing students for college.
  • Raise Information Literacy (I.L.) across all grade levels in different subjects and through subject integration.
  • Reduce/ Eliminate the affective fear that students might encounter in the academic libraries by providing equity in access to information and by teaching research skills from an early age.


  • To instill love of reading among students.
  • To increase the library collection.
  • To raise I.L. awareness.
  • To promote the library vision.
  • To collaborate with teachers in planning for research.

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