Field Trips

School trips are powerful, positive teaching tools that help enhance the intellectual, social, and emotional development of students.




During the academic year 2021-2022, our Grades 3-12 students enjoyed different aspects of the expo2020dubai trips! They experienced many of the amazing exhibits, displays, and simulations and were in awe of the technology and innovative concepts they learned about. The trips were unforgettable and contributed to a novel approach and perspective of the future.








Our heroic adventurers from the Upper Elementary Section (Gr.3 – Gr.5) visited the National Aquarium. The trip included interactive activities and a variety of learning opportunities that helped them develop a love and respect for the sea and its many treasures.







Our Gr.5 students went on a field trip to Bounce, the UAE's leading adrenaline playground and trampoline Entertainment Park, where the students participated in a variety of activities.









As part of the concept of "edutainment", our elementary students went on a fun and enjoyable school trip to KidZania, Abu Dhabi. They took part in educational activities related to health, food & beverages, services, and media.








During Term 2 in 2019, Horizon Private School – Branch Grade 1 and 2 students enjoyed three different trips to the Emirates Park Zoo, Bahiya Public Library, and Fun Works.

At Emirates Park Zoo, Grade 1 students learned about animal classification and habitats and enjoyed their time feeding the animals. Meanwhile, Grade 2 students undertook a visit to Bahiya Public Library, where an Arabic language puppet show was performed.

Finally, both grades went on a trip to Fun Works, where they worked diligently and learned how to play collaboratively. The children and teachers had delightful moments and will never forget these experiences!

"A trip to remember" is how both students and teachers have described the Desert Safari field trip and adventure they experienced during the first term of the academic year 2018/19. On a Monday morning, Grade 7 students rode the bus all the way to Al Ain, fully ready and excited for what they were about to experience and learn.

Desert Safari is the perfect place for a student to enjoy the company of friends and learn more about the UAE’s desert culture and traditions. HPS-Br. students were excited by the wide range of entertainment and activities, which allowed them to have closer contact and understanding of the Emirati heritage. They raced on surfing boards and sand gliders, climbed on top of dunes, witnessed the ancient beauty and glory of the desert camels, and hopped on 4×4 vehicles, driven by professional expertise, for an exhilarating and thrilling dune bashing experience that lasted for a whole hour.

When they returned to the camp, they picked their choices of delicious dishes from the buffet. Finally, our hosts wrapped up the day with an entertaining magic show that brought our students’ efforts together in trying to solve the mysteries behind the tricks. Students rode back to school with smiles on their faces and with the aspiration of doing it again in the near future.


Warner Brothers is known for its film studios. Grade 3 students undertook a trip to the famous franchise located in Abu Dhabi, where they learned all about how films are made.

They visited various sets and got an insight into the technologies utilized in as well as the artistic effects of the 21st century film industry. It was a truly insightful experience, and all the students returned happy back to school!

International Trips

Everything from experiencing a new culture to trying new foods.

The program created for the Singapore and Indonesia trip was packed with fun-learning experiences for all of the students and teachers. The first leg was initiated with interactive sessions on leadership, teamwork, and the social impact of leadership.

The subsequent days saw students free themselves of their inhibitions; they worked in teams in the tower-building activity and in the escape room. The evenings were filled with fun times at the Gardens by the Bay and the Spectra light show.

The students then headed to Indonesia and Bintan Island, where they learned about creative Safe Water Gardening practices and enjoyed kayaking in pairs. They conquered their fears by sky-walking on coconut trees and jumping on the flying fox. A healthy mix of culture and diversity was demonstrated when the students competed in the raft building and racing activities along with students from a local orphanage.

The program culminated in the presentation of the UN MDG-inspired projects that the students had worked on.



"My son has been expressing his excellent experience and what he learned during the program. I appreciate the team’s efforts and care to help him overcome his hesitation to experience new challenges."

Mohamed AlNuaimi






“She was excited! The activities, the experience; and the trip overall were perfect for her. No bad comments at all. Thank you for everything. She wished it was longer so she could explore more.”

Linda Hamadeh




“Thanks for taking care of them and providing them with such an amazing experience.”

Abdul Aziz AlObaidli

The students of Horizon Private School – Branch enjoyed an experiential learning trip to the United States of America.

Their trip fulfilled their NASA dream while getting hands-on skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). They also enjoyed two fun-filled days at theme parks with enriching and interactive adventures. Students were enthralled when they visited the national capital of the USA and experienced what makes it so special. Their trip culminated in visiting "The Big Apple" in New York City.





"This US trip taught me time management, being wise, and accepting other people as friends. I loved all the places we went to and the new people I met while travelling. My coolest moment on the program was writing a story. "

Eissa Khalaf ِ Al Hosani






"I loved all the places we went to, especially when we did the Cape Town activity at Niagara Falls. It made me realize how important it is to give back to the environment and to help those in need to make sure the country is a safe and happy place. "

Rita Ghrayeb






"I couldn’t wait to tell my parents about all the experiences I went through and how brave I felt on this US trip. I learned how to be independent and happy. "

Mohammad Ahmad Kidwai


During their trip to the south of France and Italy, students of Horizon Private School – Branch had the unforgettable experience of exploring some of the most elaborate and extravagant sites. They visited Monaco, Nice, and Cannes. They also had real-life opportunities to practice their French and connect with the French people.

They attended daily French lessons at the renowned CMEF School for oral fluency and communication, whereby they participated in roleplaying activities on given daily life scenarios, produced written texts in French such as post cards that they sent to their family, and took notes about the geography and culture of France.







” I loved all the museums we visited and how much we learned. I would love to start speaking French to my parents since I learned a lot in the French classes.”

Rayanne Eid.








” On this amazing trip, I learned some new French vocabulary. I also learned how to be self-dependent and how to adapt to new environments. All the activities at CMEF School were especially very nice, same with the greenery of the places we visited.”

Abu Mahfoud







"We made some unforgettable memories, like the breath-taking view of Monaco and the old villages in France and Italy."

A Student

Students at Horizon Private School – Branch buzz with excitement as they reminisce over their adventurous experience in London. In this "Educational-Entertainment Trip", students visited London where they explored the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Palace, the iconic Tower of London landmark, the British Museum, and many other places.

They also had the opportunity to explore attractive sites such as Hyde Park, which is one of London’s largest royal parks, and Lord’s Home of Cricket. At the end of the trip, they had the chance to enjoy some time shopping to get some souvenirs for their beloved ones.


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