Starting at Middle School (Grades 6-8)

As our students embark on their Middle School years, our teachers lay down the framework to ensure academic rigor. Coupled with this, we provide ample opportunities for students to nurture their talent and creativity through regular activities. We focus on developing the whole student, so he/she is ready to tackle High School and beyond.

Students’ Profile:

The Middle School Department continues the development of our students’ personalities and characters by providing them with a variety of activities and events to participate in. Activities and events such as the Film Festival and the Science Fair aim to build well-rounded students who have developed their artistic, athletic, linguistic, and scientific talents as per their choices and interests. As part of their curriculum, Grade 6-8 students are given the opportunity to develop awareness of and belonging to their community, develop their sense of right and wrong through character-building tasks, as well as develop the research skills needed to succeed in High School and later on in university.

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