Starting at Lower Elementary (Grades 1-2)

Moving from the comfort of kindergarten to lower elementary is a big step for any six-year-old. Our teachers work closely with parents to ensure that the move is a seamless one allowing each child to grow naturally within their new surroundings. Learning remains a lot of fun, with students understanding different values and developing in self-independence.

Joining Grade 1 is an important transition for 6-year-old children, and at Horizon Private School – American Branch teachers make a great effort to help the children adjust to the new setting and environment. Teachers strive to wean the students to rely more on themselves and to become more independent. To achieve this, it is highly recommended that all parents attend the School Open House, which is usually held at the beginning of the academic year. On this day, parents will meet their child’s Homeroom Teacher as well as other teachers and will be given an introduction to the general academic routines, school regulations and rules, and school timings and expectations.

Students’ Profile:

At HPS-Br. Lower Elementary, we pay special attention to the Emirati culture and celebrate the Emirati identity through both curricular and non-curricular activities. We take special pride in teaching our students to distinguish between right and wrong. Our students are always encouraged to be honest and mindful of the needs of others. They experience and feel how caring their peers and teachers are.

Through targeted activities, students learn to treat others with full respect and empathy. Moreover, they learn to adopt a tolerant attitude and to accept the feelings, habits, and beliefs of others.

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