English Language Arts (Learning Competencies)

The English Language Arts curriculum at HPS-Br. is structured around the build-up approach. By learning the
initial or most simple parts of a skill, the student can experience success and quickly move onto more
advanced aspects. This means that he/she enjoys a smooth transition between the previously acquired and
the newly introduced knowledge. The curriculum encompasses all the main language skills: speaking,
listening, reading, and writing. This is carried out in classrooms where teachers utilize different methods to
provide the students with the many opportunities available to use the language in a meaningful and
authentic approach. The curriculum covers a vast range of concepts and cultural aspects and encourages the students to collaborate with each other on various projects

Arabic Language Arts ( Learning Competencies )

A basal reading program provides the framework for Arabic language arts learning. It is the foundation for the development of skills, which is enriched through the whole language approach. Arabic language classes include work on reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, and handwriting. The Arabic language curriculum is as per the UAE Ministry of Education. Non-Arab students are required to attend special Arabic classes.

French Language Arts ( Learning Competencies )

French is introduced as a third language starting from Kindergarten. Students learn and master French pronunciation and familiarize themselves with its vocabulary and grammar through songs and other activities that develop the students’ skills in listening, reading, and speaking. In Middle and High School, students have the opportunity to take advanced courses in French and sit for the DELF (A1-A2-B1-B2) Exams, presenting them with the opportunity to join renowned French universities and secure future careers in French-speaking countries.

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