Starting at High School (Grades 9-12)

High School is a very important time in any student’s academic journey, and at Horizon Private School – American Branch we give our students every opportunity to take charge of their learning. While student outcomes remain a key focus, we understand the importance of grooming successful young adults who are lifelong learners and are ready to become the leaders of the future.

On the first day, parents and students should arrive at school between 7:15 am and 7:30 am where teachers in the playground will welcome them. Students can find their sections by checking the class lists that will be displayed in the playground. New students will be introduced to their Class Advisors who will take them to their classes at 7:40 am after lining-up for the National Anthem.

In the classes, the Class Advisors ease the new students into their new environment and help them adjust. They also present the students with details and clarifications regarding the daily routines and general rules at Horizon Private School – American Branch and assign returning students the task of giving the new students a tour around the school to help them find their way. During the breaks in the first week, all teachers and administrators will be available in the playground to socialize with the students, help them meet some friends, and answer their questions.

Students’ Profile:

The High School Department continues the development of our students’ personalities and characters by providing for them a variety of activities to choose from. The focus of these activities is to develop our students’ leadership and initiative-taking skills and give them opportunities to take charge of planning several school events.

Furthermore, Grades 9-12 students are exposed to a variety of choices for future university studies and possible careers by attending University Fairs and exploring the options available. They also work closely with the Guidance Counselor to identify their strengths and interests.

In conclusion, students are empowered with the values, characteristics, and skills they need to become distinguished citizens and life-long learners who can bravely and successfully face any challenge.

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