As the learning environment has dramatically changed over the past couple of years, so did ours.

At Horizon Private School – American Branch, we recognize that the landscape of education has evolved significantly in recent years, prompting us to adapt and innovate. We are proud to implement a comprehensive Blended Learning Model that skillfully combines traditional teaching methods with the latest technological advances. Our approach includes paper-based instruction, interactive, hands-on activities, self-paced digital learning via ebooks, and cutting-edge educational apps.

From Grades 1 through 12, our students engage with technology in meaningful ways. Younger students (Grades 1-10) harness the power of iPads, while older students (Grades 11-12) utilize laptops to further their studies. This integration of portable devices enables our educators to deploy a broader array of teaching strategies and adapt to diverse learning needs, enhancing and not replacing the traditional educational experience.

As you explore our campus, you will observe dynamic learning in action: students collaborating in pairs or groups, engaging in individual hands-on projects, responsibly navigating the internet for reliable resources, or using digital platforms to express their ideas creatively.

Our commitment is to equip the next generation with an engaging, efficient, and personalized education that mirrors the technological integration of our everyday lives, ensuring our students are well-prepared to thrive in this continuously changing world.


At Horizon Private School – American Branch, we utilize ClassDojo, a dynamic platform that fosters greater cooperation and engagement within our school community. ClassDojo allows us to seamlessly share class schedules, reminders, photos, and notable student achievements. It also serves as a vital communication hub for updates on school activities and our experiential learning programs.

ClassDojo is more than just a tool for sharing information; it’s an integral part of our educational environment that encourages students to take an active role in their learning journey. By providing a simple and interactive way for teachers, students, and parents to connect, ClassDojo helps us build a supportive and inclusive school community where everyone can stay informed and involved.

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