What is AP?

The Advanced Placement (AP) program gives students the opportunity to tackle college-level work while still in High School. This allows them to be better prepared for college and, in some cases, earn college credits once they pass the AP exam. Run by the College Board, AP courses give students the academic skills they need in college while providing more time to concentrate on the subjects that interest them.

Why take AP Courses?

At Horizon Private School – American Branch we cultivate our students’ distinctive gifts, supporting them in their passage to adulthood by developing character, intelligence, physical and emotional wellbeing, and cultural awareness.

Within this context, we offer an extensive AP program, offering students the platform to study college-level work while still in High School. HPS-Br. is proud of how it meets the needs of every student, with teachers individualizing learning for those at all levels of accomplishment, including those with special needs. AP courses are a natural extension of this philosophy, giving our students the opportunity to explore what interests them most, which in turn helps them to discover and pursue a unique direction.

10 years success in offering AP Courses

From the moment a student walks into an AP classroom, he or she will become aware of the difference between an AP class and regular classes. In AP courses, the subjects are studied in greater depth and detail, enabling students to take on the responsibility of reasoning, analyzing, and understanding. By demonstrating their maturity and readiness for university while still in High School, students can achieve their college dreams. Furthermore, by passing the external AP board exams, students gain college credits while still at school.


AP at HPS-Br.

As an internationally focused American curriculum school in Abu Dhabi, HPS-Br. offers more than 10 different AP courses, giving students the academic skills they will need in college.

The AP courses that we have offered so far are:

  Biology         Physics 1
  Calculus          Physics 2
  Chemistry         Physics C
  Computer Science          World History   
  English Language and Composition 
  Human Geography 
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