We recognize the enormous potential of modern technology to enhance and enrich learning and are committed to preparing our children to be successful in a society permeated by technology.

HPS-Branch embraces new technology wherever it supports its mission. Students use technology to inquire, communicate, and safely take risks. When they move on from HPS-Branch, they are confident users of current technology in a range of contexts, understanding the benefits, limitations, and risks associated with its use.

The use of technology to support learning is embedded across all curriculum areas, from kindergarten to secondary levels. Beginning with the use of specialized apps to support specific skills development, as children progress through their school years, they learn to use an increasing range of devices and applications.

Mobile devices in particular have led to a much better integration of technology into learning. Students no longer need to move out to a "special" location to access a computer or the internet; instead, they can take along their mobile devices and use them alongside other resources, both inside and outside the classroom. At HPS-Branch, it is always the learning that comes first; the technology simply provides powerful tools that enable high-quality learning to take place.


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