Mrs. Amal Shahine


Mrs. Amal Shahine joined Horizon Private School – American Branch (HPS – Br.) in 2008 as the founding principal. Before that, Mrs. Shahine spent 15 years in an International School in Abu Dhabi where she joined as a fresh graduate holding a Bachelor Degree in Biology and a Teaching Diploma in Science Education from the American University of Beirut.

Mrs. Shahine takes great pride in the progress HPS -Br. has undergone from a small school of 100 students in its first year to a grown school with over 1500 students in its 14th year. Due to Mrs. Shahine’s dedication and vision, quality was never compromised at HPS -Br.; therefore, quality education has always been delivered by professional educators to Horizon Private School-Branch students who are distinguished by their exemplary attitude and respectful disposition.

Mrs. Shahine believes that every student is a gift from God, born to add value to this world, and that it is the duty of the educators to help the child discover his/her talents. Consequently, students have a big respect to Mrs. Shahine and endeavor to meet the high expectations she sets for them.



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