Mrs. Dalia Mouawad

Head of Middle School Department

Mrs. Dalia Mouawad joined Horizon Private School – American Branch in 2008 as a French teacher and the Head of the French Department, and in 2015 she was promoted to Head of Middle School.

Mrs. Dalia is passionate about education and genuinely believes that it has the power to transform lives. “Job satisfaction comes from knowing that I have made a positive difference in my young people’s lives, urged them to have aspirations, and encouraged them to work hard to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.”

Given the fact that Middle School is a challenging period in the journey of every student, where the range of academic ability and physical and emotional development is huge, the major aim of our Middle School Head is to meet the needs of our 21st-century students, families, and educators to set high standards, raise expectations, take risks, and face challenges in a safe and positive learning environment. “When families, community groups, and educators band together to support learning, students achieve more in school and enjoy the experience more.”



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