Mrs. Mary Khoury

Head of the Lower Elementary Department

Mrs. Mary Khoury has been in the field of education for 25 years. She joined HPS-Br. in 2010 as a Homeroom teacher and in 2012 she became the Head of the Lower Elementary Department.

Mrs. Mary strongly believes in education. “If you do what you love with passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.” She also believes that every student has the right to learn, to be taken care of, to be loved, and to be accepted. Her students are enthusiastic, enjoy coming to school, and strive to become lifelong learners.

She leads a strong team with tolerance and honesty. As a result, the team members support each other, collaborate, and thrive to excel in their mission. In Mrs. Mary’s opinion, “Whenever there is great love, miracles can happen.”



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