Mrs. Bushra Barsik

Head of Kindergarten Department

Mrs. Bushra Barsik joined Horizon Private School – American Branch in 2009 as the Head of Kindergarten Department. Her role is to develop a positive and creative learning community across the department. “Everything we do is focused on helping the children develop into happy, healthy, and confident learners equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the future.”

Mrs. Bushra puts her extensive experience as a teacher into use especially when planning activities and events with her team for the children in her department. She ensures that the team provides the children with various opportunities to develop their abilities, learn from and about the world they live in, and develop organizational and problem-solving skills in a fun and playful manner.

Although she believes that kindergarten is the first stage in our children’s educational journey and in building their future learning, she strongly believes that childhood is not just a preparation for adulthood but an essential experience by itself. “Childhood should be valued as an important time in each person’s life; it should be full of joy and happy adventures.”

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